Creating a visceral sound to wake up anyone sleepwalking into today's nightmare of social breakdown, and uncaring apathy.

The distraction of wall to wall, 24 hour mass media trash, deluding people into believing they want things they dont actually need and leading them into a new world order based on lies and post truth.

The intelligence of the lyrical content, shot through with humour and irony, sets the band firmly in the present, and provides a haven for anyone looking for something outside the current climate of computer generated muzak.


A dark incisive album, 40 minutes of stripped down bare energy, ruptured blues and raw power.

The fierce and intense bass and drum grooves provided by John Fielding and Simon Bewley, The growling rhythm guitar work of Graeme Hall, lead guitars of Luke Cawthra and Jay Westmore, searing harmonica of Rich Moore and lead vocals of Mike Humphreys. All combine to give these songs a damaged, haunting quality.


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Harmony In Shit Street
Old Devil Ground
Sleepwalk into Nightmares
Car Crash Wedding
Creepin' Jesus
Friends In Low Places
Hunter Gatherer
Hands Of The Healer
We Are Not Divine
Phantom Divisions

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