I just had the pleasure of mastering the debut album by DERAILER. The title is DELETE THE ELITE... and the music is every bit as great as the title.

If you like raw, honest, amazing rock, then this album is for you.

"Highly recommended" - Pete Maher:- U2, The Killers, Pixies, The Roling stones, Lana Del Rey, Noel Gallagher, Jack White.

Delete The Elite – Derailer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)
Posted on November 17, 2017 by Dave Franklin
Aren’t you meant to mellow with age? Aren’t you meant to hand the musical baton on to the next generation, calm down and grow old gracefully? Well, when the younger generation seem largely content to write songs devoid of bite or opinion and the world seems to grow even more chaotic, ill-balanced and self-serving day by day, what is an old punk to do? They do what they have always done, write fired up music about the state of the world around them,remind people that once music had something to say, thats what Derailer do anyway and boy do they sound pissed off.

Derailer are a motley bunch of musicians whose collective family tree runs through a whole raft of local agitator rock and viseral punk bands, including The Chaos Brothers, The Boys From County Hell and and Nobody’s Heroes but Delete The Elite pushes beyond merely punk roots and splices garage rock, swamp blues, scuzzy alt-rock and a snarling commentary which seems equally content to put things right or pull things down.

And if songs like Prohibition are happy to play the high octane, punk groove card, the gothic-country wasteland shiver of Creepin’ Jesus and the raucous roots salvos of Hands of The Healer position them closer to the tribal psychobilly blues of The Gun Club, never a bad band to find yourself sharing a vibe with.

Somehow, Derailer have mastered the art of writing songs that represent every disenfranchised musical subset in history…well, a fair slice of them anyway. In 12 surly and uncompromising musical slices Delete The Elite manages to embrace the sneering punk, the slick haired rock and roller and any number of beligerants wandering the musical fringes. The jagged riffs will speak to blues heads and hard rockers alike and the brooding undertones are a place even the estranged goth can find solace. Call it what you will but for my money this is garage rock at its finest.


5 out of 5 stars.
You need to have this CD in your collection.Great music, nice grooves. For all music lovers, no excuse to not have this CD right now on your CD players. A real plus in your collection. Buy it,you will not be disappointed at all.

5 out of 5 stars.
This CD will make you start moving, immediately.
Reviewer: Sky At SkyReport
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